November 7, 2010

Granada is an enchanted place.  The Alhambra- the fortress complex the city is known for- is a marvel.  It’s got Moorish/Muslim/Christian influence and a history so rich with intrigue that I wish I was actually educated about it.

We stayed in a charmed hotel and went there with some friends, old and new.  The receptionist went from Spanish to French to English in one eleven second span that made me blood red with envy and appreciation.  There were hills and hills and hills.  My dad would’ve appreciated how much of a workout it felt like on your core.  Dad, if you’re reading this, it was like doing Cross Fit twice a day, only without the burpees and Bulgarian neck pumps.

There’s a huge Arabian influence.  One night we went to a Flamenco show.  Such passion and aggression in that dance.  This one dude had the longest hair ever and was wearing high heels and I was like, dag, this guy’s still masculine as ever.   It was just intense.  It was loud.  KG would’ve loved it.

The city at night looks like shined jewels against the dark.

Man, the tradition and the winding streets.  I got lost one day and felt like Thomas Mann on top of one of the mountains.  A spiritual high I haven’t felt since my students in NYC scored better than ever on the state tests.  Then I tripped and scraped my knee on the steps.  Pride cometh…

It was nice everyone.  Get out there if you can.

more photos to come


One Response to “Granada”

  1. Sam said

    KG probably would have loved it.

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